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Considerations For Your Ideal Wedding Venue

Posted on 3/04/2020 at 12:28 PM in Blog

Today the aim will be to give you some ideas to think about choosing your ideal wedding location.

At the end of this contact us here at Celamony if you have any questions or comments to make.


The first thing to consider when choosing your location honestly is cost. If a budget has been set stick to it. Wedding celebrations can run away with any budget and ultimately ruin your day. Once its got out of hand and you don’t stick to the budget everything starts to collapse and your enjoyment starts to overshadowed by cost worries.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean no fun – even the smallest and most intimate of places can still give you the day you always wanted. The budget is important to keep in mind and will really focus where you want to start planning your wedding.

If the budget is large you might decide to spend it all on one fabulous location and only have a small number of very close special guests present. Alternatively, even a smaller budget can still allow an intimate ceremony and celebration with much larger numbers present. The choice is yours but by sticking to the budget, plans can take place to shape your celebrations to what suits you as a couple.

So taking 5 guests flying first class to celebrate your day in the swankiest of Manhattan locations spanning a long weekend could set you back the same as a large number of family and friends in a marquee of your favourite country pub. Budget planning is massively important and deciding how to spend it brings us nicely to the next consideration.


The budget has been set so now chose how to spend it. Wedding location and venue is next on the list of important decisions.

Is it the Seychelles you want, a mountain top in Verbier, large hotel in your hometown or favourite country pub.? All these things need considering when choosing the location. Chose a location that allows the people you want to be at your ceremony to be able to get there. Make getting to your wedding easy. There is more chance then everyone will come. So, if it is the beach in Mauritius -accept only the closest and dearest will be able to make the trip, but large numbers of family and friends attending dictate the choice of venue must be different.

Maybe not your first thought but if elderly relatives are attending easy access both to and from the venue and whilst there are an important consideration. Good transport links may not be first on your list of priorities – but “where is it and how do I get there will be what everyone thinks when they get the invite” so just have it in the back of your mind when deciding where to hold the day.

Also when choosing your ideal location just always bear in mind the maximum or capacity at your location. Sometimes even though a venue may say can cater for XXXX having XXXX in that room or location may not be comfortable and may impact on your 5-star day. If possible, always think about your guest experience because if your guests have a brilliant day so will you as a couple.

What’s Included

The decision has been made – your both set on a particular place. Now is this right for both of you. Does it suit both of your personalities because the venue you chose must reflect both of you. So, choosing a venue that fits with both of your styles is important and will make the venue choice fit in with the flavour and feel of your wedding celebration.

But what’s included at your venue will have a big impact on your final decision. The reason why we say this is quite simply because it impacts on our first consideration – The Budget.

If your venue is full service where everything is included its pretty simple to see what you get for your Budget- so a choice where tables chairs and linens are included might appear to cost more up front than a venue where you need separate rental companies for various items which you want be part of the essence of your day.

Take everything into consideration about what’s included because having to bring in extra suppliers might knock your budget off course. So if both of your are into a particular hobby or pursuit chose a venue that reflects this within your budget rather than having a location that fits one aspect of what you want but trying to decorate it to fit the theme of your wedding. What’s included in your venue choice is vitally important to sticking to the budget and blowing the budget making the venue fit so you have to scale back in other areas might be a compromise too far.

Be True To Both Of You As A Couple

At Celemony we believe in being true to yourselves. With so much information available on the internet Facebook Instagram and Pinterest its very easy to fall head over heels with a wedding style populated on the internet – and often led by marketing brands and agents. So be true to you and your partner chose the location that’s authentic and genuine to the two of you. The big day represents who both of you are individually and going forward as a couple.

So if you think sticking to the budget choosing a venue that allows all your guests to easily attend and reflects you as a couple then contact us at Celamony to see how we can make the actual ceremony on the most important day in your life the most unique magical and memorable it can ever be.

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