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How to find a marriage celebrant?

Posted on 22/04/2020 at 2:29 PM in Blog

How to chose a celebrant

Today we are going to answer the first question many couples have when starting to plan the wedding ceremony. How to find a marriage celebrant.

The problem is like may things today you are initially spoilt for choice. Do you choose a religious wedding service – do you go to the Registry Office or do you chose a celebrant led service where the choice of what you do in your ceremony is completely down to you.

The benefit from reading this article is at the end you will have all the information to choose the celebrant led service with the exact celebrant who fits your style.

I think you will agree when I tell you the choices are unlimited and initially overwhelming

It’s hard to decide, but we have broken to choices down into subgroups so at the end you will have made the right choice. One which makes your wedding the most amazing and magical it can be.

Let’s rule out religious ceremonies or Registrars and then decide on what’s right for you.

Religious Ceremonies

There are benefits of this especially where both parties hold firstly religious beliefs but secondly, they are the same beliefs. Any problems on this and a religious ceremony is out.

Registry Wedding

Great if you want a pro forma wedding either at the registry office or a wedding conducted by a registrar in a civil wedding approved venue conducted to a set format with a list of restrictions which might not fit with what you want. So clearly not for most modern couples today.

Now you have decided on the freedom of the celebrant led service. You have narrowed your decision down so its just a matter of deciding which celebrant suits you.

Which Celebrant do I chose?

Tip One – Shop Around

By talking to many celebrants, you get a feel for what each one offers. The benefit is you feel comfortable your wedding day celebrations are starting on the right foot. This is crucial to setting the tone for the entire day. The right celebrant is crucial to the feeling of the whole day. They are the first people the entire wedding party hear from so they must set the tone absolutely to what you want.

Tip Two – What do they offer?

Every celebrant will start by saying they offer a truly unique personalised ceremony designed for each couple – every couple, is individual and every ceremony is designed round the individual couple.

Make sure the celebrant you chose offers what you want – not what the celebrant thinks is unique and personal to you. Make sure they take on board what you want and find out how they plan to incorporate it into what you want. Discuss every aspect of what you want and decide if you feel comfortable in the way each celebrant says they can offer it to you. If you have something very unusual but you want it included, find out how the celebrant will deal with this and does it fit in the way you always thought it would.

Tip Three – make sure the fee is clear – what’s included and what’s not.

The advantage is both parties know exactly where they stand. Clarity over this point really does, from experience, mean your whole dealing with the celebrant goes smoothly.

If you want the celebrant at your rehearsal make sure this is clear at the time of booking and everyone knows it is included in the fee. If it’s not set clearly out at the time of booking mixed situations arise and problems start, often at time very close to the actual day, and increased tensions mount. Yes weddings are a stressful time and you don’t want to add another difficulty into the mix.

This goes for everything involved in what the celebrant does. If you want a very specific symbolic act included, make sure the celebrant knows this is part of the inclusive fee at the time of booking.

But if you decide you want something extra included at a later date discuss this with your celebrant and agree a fee if an extra fee is needed. Most good celebrants will do what they can to include it on the day if they can and probably wont charge but if an extra fee is needed make sure this is agreed up front and before the day.

Make sure changes to the ceremony script and free and as often as needed – mileage and travel costs are must be accounted for either in the fixed fee or additionally if they become relevant.

The benefit to agreeing a fee and setting everything down a long way out from the wedding ensures you can concentrate on the celebrant creating the ceremony you want. Many celebrants charge different fees and we suggest you don’t let price be your deciding factor. You want to choose someone who can officiate at your ceremony in the way you want. Not somebody chosen on the cheap who doesn’t meet your dream expectations.

Tip Four – Keep in touch with your chosen Celebrant

Keeping in regular contact with your celebrant, just let them know where you are up to with other plans means the celebrant can plan the ceremony right up to the last minute to reflect any changes you make along the way. This keeps your ceremony as contemporary as it can be for everyone.

So what’s next

Well good celebrants are often booked up a long time in advance.

If you have one in mind see if you can arrange a meeting either online of preferably face to face. This will give you a feel of how your ceremony will go. Even if you must pay a booking deposit to secure any meeting it may be better in your long run. Choosing and finding a different celebrant after a meeting might avoid a avoid major disappointment. Read any reviews and if you are happy tie your celebrant down and book them. Once your confidence is gained the start of your perfect ceremony has begun.

So, there you have it our tips for choosing the celebrant to match your perfect day. Shop around make sure you know what you are getting and feel comfortable in your celebrants’ company. Then you can go on and create your perfect ceremony without any restrictions. Your celebrant led ceremony will be warm relaxed and create the perfect memories for all your guests. No restrictions in terms of content style or format, inside or outside, no formal rules govern what you can do in your dream setting or location.

Choose the celebrant to fit your style and you are on the way to having the best day ever.

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