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How to Host Your Wedding at Home

Posted on 29/04/2020 at 2:32 PM in Blog

how to host a wedding at home

After you have said yes to the engagement the next thing on every couple’s mind is where to hold the wedding. Abroad, in a wedding venue hotel or at home. Today we are going to give you some thoughts on hosting your wedding at home.

The best thing about having a wedding at home is just how personal it can be. Its an amazing idea and one you and all your guests will remember forever. There really is no place like home and you won’t regret saying, “I do” and your vows in a place that means so much to you. Hosting your wedding at home does allow for more personal touches but it does require a lot more planning and preparation than choosing a ballroom in a hotel. You must properly prepare your home before you can invite family and friends on the lawn for your wedding.

There is a lot to think about. You will need to work with a host of different suppliers throughout this whole process so make sure you are comfortable with them and they can all work alongside each other. Also bear in mind the extra load it will place on your wedding planning team.

So here is our practical guide to help you along the way.

Tip One. Size Does matter

Most homes are not designed to host a wedding breakfast for large numbers or have space to park large numbers of cars or loo facilities for all the party guests. So right from the outset once you decide to open your home to the wedding party plan as much as you can to ensure the wedding is the success you always wanted it to be. Do not confuse overcrowded with cozy. Your home wedding will need a serious amount of space and you must always plan for the weather. Right from the outset remember on the day the whole set up may need to be inside. Also, if it starts to pour during the day guests will need somewhere to quickly take shelter.

Plan your day to accommodate the right number who will fit comfortably into the available space. This may mean some hard decisions on the guest list, but it is important to get the numbers right for the space.

Tip Two. Prepare your Home ahead of time.

Your home and garden will be on display all day and you want it looking its magnificent best. The broken door handle or leaky tap, jobs which you have simply not got round to doing will need attention and fixing. Plan ahead so any gardening or landscaping tasks have been completed well ahead of time and the overall outside character you want to create has got time to blossom and newly placed plants have time to fill out.

Tip Three. Work with a good Marquee company.

Very often if you are using your home and garden it is likely a marquee will be required. It is vital you get the feel and understanding of your marquee company’s style so they can work with your vision. Do research the company you have in mind and look at any online reviews but best of all speak to previous clients and seek their referrals and recommendations.

The biggest freedom about using a marquee is the open canvas it gives you to personalise your wedding space. We have found marquees can be the most flexible of wedding venues. A good marquee company will have lots of photos of their previous work which could provide extra inspiration. Working with a good marquee company starts with a site visit so they understand what you hope to achieve. Also, reputable companies will probably also be able to provide tables chairs and special lighting which might be of interest.

Tip Four. Chose the right florist and caterer

A good wedding florist will match the flowers you need to work alongside your wedding theme. They will also be able to set the right tone when dressing the interior of your house or outside marque. They may even visit your home in advance to see if they can design your floral arrangements to sit alongside your existing garden.

The choice of food to have for your wedding breakfast is changing all the time. More couples now are looking towards a break from the set meal format. Chose the caterer who suits your style. Is it going to be finger buffet? canopes or street vendor style – how are drinks going to be served. If you are having a bar arrange to have it staffed independently.

Tip Five. How to keep the costs down

We are sure one consideration couples have for choosing a wedding at home is cost and a quite common misconception is it will be cheaper. Be extremely careful on this point. Wedding venue packages can be jaw droppingly expensive, but it does include everything from table clothes furniture, cutlery, an on site bar to name but a few. When choosing the at home wedding be vigilant not to let unintended or unaccounted for costs run away with your budget. This is why it is so important to work with good marquee providers caterers and florists who can always help you in some ways to keep the costs down. The number of rentals you may have can be mind boggling so keep regular check on the overall wedding expense and do not let it run away with what you want to achieve.

Tip Six. Use a wedding day coordinator.

Consider using a coordinator on the day itself to take the stress of the day away from the wedding party. They will liaise with all your suppliers to ensure everything is coordinated to run at the time you planned. A bit like a master of ceremonies at the wedding breakfast they will work tirelessly in the background to ensure everything goes as organised and arranged. They will coordinate with the caterer’s, florists, evening entertainment so the whole day goes to the time frame you have in mind. This really will be money well spent.

Tip Seven. Logistics

This is the boring bit and so often overlooked and where things can go unexpectedly wrong. This is where all the planning from a long way out starts to take shape. From the off we have said your guest lists needs to fit the available space. As its your home use all available space. Fill every corner with the character of your wedding.

But do make sure there is enough parking – there are enough outside loos for the guests. Work on about 35 people per loo on average. Make sure there is enough lighting around everywhere you expect the wedding party to use. If you make the areas, we call areas of low expectation good, the whole of your wedding at home will run smoothly. So have a spare generator in case the power goes just at the moment of the first dance. Have umbrellas at the ready for the unexpected shower.

By planning your wedding at home carefully and well in advance the best day of your life will be more personal being in a place that holds such special memories for you.

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