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Memorable Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Posted on 6/05/2020 at 9:52 AM in Blog

Memorable wedding ideas

Today we are looking at ways to make your wedding ceremony fun memorable and give you ideas to personalize it just for you. Who says the only fun part of your day can be the crazy best man’s speech or the evening party celebrating with all your family and friends.

At Celemony we want to make your wedding so memorable that as the guests are leaving the service they are saying “Wow wasn’t that just so amazing and so just captured the spirit of Emma and Pete”

We always start by getting your story, spending time getting to know you as a couple so on the day the service really reflects you – your character, your style, and your personalities. This is where the groundwork starts and everything you want to be included in your ceremony starts to take shape at this point.

But where else do we go? One of the most important things to do if you want to create that always talked about a wedding is to look at your ceremony how your guests will see it. Always have your guests in mind as they are the ones who will tell everyone your wedding had the wow factor.

Look and see how your guest will see your wedding.

Normally a service takes about half an hour so plan for every minute of that time to be special. A lot of work must go into the ceremony so take time to consider exactly what each of you wants. Make it the best half an hour the two of you have ever had with all your family and friends.

Here are some of our suggestions to make your ceremony memorable.

  1. Having your guests in mind, start with pre-wedding drinks before the service begins.You have chosen to have a celebrant wedding so there are no rules on what you can and can’t do. Registrar officiated wedding alcohol is taboo but you have broken that taboo.The advantages of having pre-wedding drinks can’t be underestimated. Right from the start, your two families start to mix and even guests who are always either fashionably late or simply never on time can be there for the start of your ceremony procession. Keep the drinks simple though as you will have so much more time for celebrating later in the day. The whole day of celebrating can begin from this point.
  1. Think about your entrance. If you have had pre-wedding drinks it’s very likely, even if the bridal party isn’t there, the groom’s best man and ushers will be. So, use them. Get everyone in place at exactly the right time you the bride want to make your entrance.Taking time to ensure everyone is seated correctly and at the right time seems obvious but task one of the ushers to make sure it happens. Walking in through stragglers is not you have in mind.
  1. The entrance procession. Once everyone is in place chose how you want to enter and make sure you have the music which fits your entrance. This could be something very traditional or completely off the wall – the choice is up to you so make it personal to you.Consider also could you walk into the ceremony together and perhaps stop and great some of the guests who have made a great effort to be with you. Let them see that the effort they have made has been noticed right from the start. It goes a long way to making everyone feel included.
  1. In the ceremony have something to make the service personal to you and something which your guests understand why it is personal to you.Have an order of service on every seat so everyone can follow all the ceremony perhaps accompanied by a personal note thanking everyone for being there and explaining why certain personal moments will be taking place during the ceremony.Think about saying why the ring bearer or floral girl are dressed in a certain way. Or why for example you will be live linking to a certain relative. The more you tell people what is going on the eager the guest’s anticipation will be to see it and make sure they don’t miss any part of your special day. Remember this is the most important 30 minutes of your lives together up to this point so hold everyone’s attention and let them know what is happening.
  1. Consider your vows and exchange of rings if these things are happening.Make sure your vows are similar in style and structure to your partners.Decide who is going first and how you will say them. We would always say at this most important part of your ceremony, you turn and face your guests. Always include them in your service so they can see how personal and important the exchange of vows and rings are to you.
  1. Consider readings or whether you want someone to address you at this stage.As a celebrant led ceremony you can choose to include religious readings whereas with a Registrar any reference to religion is simply not allowed. Choose someone to perform the readings who will be competent, emotionally strong enough to stand up publicly, and do the reading.Every good celebrant will have a copy of any readings just in case and will be able to take over should emotions run high.
  1. Just before your service concludes decide if you want your guests to remain in their seats and toast your new life together.We have always found this to be a perfect time to have the first celebratory toast to you as a couple.Have your ushers and best man give all the guests a glass of something special as you leave the service ceremony location. Again, registrars can’t accommodate this but with a celebrant, you can.

    With everyone in their seats as you retire again to a well chosen piece of music, all your guests can celebrate what by this time will have been an amazing ceremony. You could even stop and mingle for a moment with your guests as you leave. Get everyone to toast you as you leave.

Making a ceremony memorable is about celebrating you as a couple with your guests fully immersed in what symbolizes the two of you as you embark on the rest of your lives together beginning with what should be a fantastic ceremony followed by wedding breakfast and reception in the most magnificent location you have chosen. Have fun and enjoy.

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