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Has Your Wedding Been Affected By The Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted on 1/04/2020 at 11:47 AM in Blog

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The reality is many brides and grooms up and down the country will face the upcoming prospect of their special day being cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This will equally apply to all naming ceremonies, renewal of vows celebrations and civil partnerships.
Your plans maybe in turmoil but at Celamony we have plans in place for your special day to take go ahead just as soon as this national crisis is over.

Yes you will have lost your date at your favourite location or venue but do not despair there are ways your celebration can go ahead and you can get to wear your dress – or top hat and tails if that takes your fancy.

For many people it is extremely important for them to get married and hold their celebrations with groups of family and friends. It could be something as simple as you have changed your name on your passport in readiness for the honeymoon, even if this too has been rescheduled. It could be you are starting a family right away and you want your very special addition to have your family name – whatever it is you may want or need to have your big day sooner rather than later.

The problem is you have lost your day at the church or registry office and don’t know where to turn. Well at Celamony we think we have a simple solution to help you out.

Contact your local registry office and make plans to attend just as soon as we are all allowed free movement again and book the Registrars simple marriage package. For a £46.00 you can go to the Register Office and have the simplest legal marriage available in front of 2 witnesses and the formality of your marriage is done. Having paid the fee and given notice you simply go back to the registry office on the due date and say the 12 words which legally marry a couple. At this point once you have had the marriage date given to you- you are free to plan your true wedding celebration in front of all your family and friends where you can exchange rings declare lovingly your vows and sign your marriage certificate in true celebratory style as you had originally planned only a few weeks later than you had originally decided.

The legal side will be done and your personal reasons for marriage satisfied. Then its time to plan your new style wedding celebration with your celebrant. This is because after this is all over the Church or Registrar will still be getting on with those ceremonies unaffected by the virus outbreak. Those lucky couples will still expect their big days to go ahead as planned but your day has had to change because of the virus.

By choosing a celebrant to lead your new plans these can be whenever and wherever you like. Rebook your amazing venue if it is still available or chose somewhere different and all your dreams can be fulfilled.

The only thing you need to do for your dreams to come true after this pandemic is over is quickly book that simple registry office wedding and just re do your celebrations as individually as you want with your celebrant at whatever location you want. Yes plans will necessarily have been altered but as the old saying goes every cloud has a silver lining.

At Celamony we know how upsetting your original plans being altered will be but all is not lost – Your celebrant will work with you to make any rescheduled celebrations the most magical you could ever have imagined. It will certainly be something to discuss with the new additions whenever they arrive.

Don’t despair your plans can still take place as soon as this epidemic is over. They might have to change a little but trust us here at Celamony we will make them even more magical for you.

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