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What is a Wedding Breakfast – Menu Ideas for 2020

Posted on 27/04/2020 at 3:26 PM in Blog

Wedding breakfast ideas

Planning a wedding takes a huge amount of organising to make it remarkable and amazing for everyone involved.

Were to get married, when to get married, who to invite, who should be best man or bridesmaids. The list is endless. Sometimes people overlook the importance of the wedding breakfast.

What is a Wedding Breakfast?

It will be the first meal you have with family and friends as a married couple. Make it special.

Traditionally it is also the main meal you will eat on your wedding day. It comes after the ceremony and photographs and before your first dance. You will have already put a lot of thought into just those three relatively small aspects of your day so why not give a little bit of extra consideration to that huge part that comes in the middle. The wedding breakfast.

So, how do you make your weeding Breakfast memorable?

Here are some of our top tips to make your wedding breakfast memorable.

Make a grand entrance with some of these suggestions. An amazingly spectacular grand entrance gets the party going in style and if possible, gives everyone a great opportunity to take some amazing and relaxed photographs of you.

If you are having an outdoor reception think about a novel vehicle you could arrive in style with. Whatever your style there are novelty vehicles for every occasion. Horse and cart, flash Ferrari, double decker bus, tractor and trailer or even a hot air balloon or gyroscope. Everything is possible when you start to plan.

For a huge impact you could choreograph your arrival to a dance routine you and all the bridal party could perfect in advance. Get guests laughing as you swoop through the reception to a particular piece of music. There will always be one member of the party who misses a beat and gets the guests in hysterics.  If the venue permits it consider a trumpeted grand entrance through confetti cannons or balloon drop.

Whatever you do arrive in style and get the party going.

Now let’s turn out attention to the food

Wedding Breakfast Menu Ideas

The traditional wedding breakfast is getting an overhaul in 2020 as more brides are choosing imaginative and innovative ways to feed the guests. The three-course meal still has its place, but more and more couples are looking to incorporate flavours and taste choices from around the world.

The greatest trend we have seen so far is a much greater use of plant-based food at receptions. Couples who themselves may not be vegan or vegetarian are more often turning to the eco-friendly plant-based meal. With the increasing rise in plant-based food venues and caterers are becoming more and more adept at creating environmentally sourced and created food choices everyone enjoys. Speak to your caterers and venues and see what’s on offer.

With vastly increased use of venues and locations away from traditional hotels or room hires the choice of how to serve guests and what to offer them is also on the massive increase.

But, how can you make your wedding breakfast stand out?

The use of independent food stations at venues has seen a huge rise in recent months – consider having a wood fired oven for pizzas and lasagne. The Wall Street Journals go to food of 2020 alongside a tandoor Pinsa or burrito stall. Any combination of street food catering gives all guests the choice they want. It also allows them to mingle and mix before the party really gets going.

Do though remember if you are choosing any kind of informal al fresco ad hoc dining have enough tables and chairs around for guests to sit down and eat. No lady wants to spend an evening in a dress, specifically chosen for the wedding stained by spilt food or drink. So, if it is on trend Kimchi Korean food or Ube give your guests a choice of whatever you want. Mix it up with eclectic tastes from around the world. Do also try and keep all your food choices as seasonal as possible. Research published by the Department of health suggests people are happier when eating the fresh food, they associate with different seasons in the year.

With all choices at your wedding do insist on a taste sample from your food and drink suppliers before the final choice. At least then you’re happy with everything the guests will be having.

In order to help you make a decision we have added a few recommendations below:

Stockport based Thyme Outside has been serving excellent food since 2006.

The Olive Tree have plenty of lovely testimonials on their site, and have over 50 years of combined experience.

Award winning Cheeky Chilli Events based in Neston and are sole wedding food suppliers to Delamere Manor, Talhenbont Hall and Liverpool Town Hall

Remember that not everyone will be drinking alcohol at your wedding breakfast

On the drinks front take account research suggests 66% of millennials are trying to reduce alcohol intake so have in place some mocktails not cocktails for people to refresh themselves.

Always have plenty of low or no alcohol drinks available alongside any other drinks you decide to offer. Think about making drinks offerings to suit your style as a couple. A pop-up gin or champagne bar could easily sit alongside a craft ale tent or prosecco and chocolate table.

Finally, spare a thought for the environment

The choice of how you celebrate your wedding breakfast is changing all the time and each couple make the choice they want to sit alongside the style and theme of their wedding.

We do though at Celamony ask you consider the following when making your final choice. Do try and be as environmentally friendly as possible – we only have one planet so avoid where possible single use plastic, try and source as much produce locally and if at all possible, use recyclable cutlery, table and glassware.

Some ideas for your consideration and Celamony hope the wedding breakfast is as much a part of your day as everything else you have planned. Enjoy.

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