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What To Do When You First Get Engaged

Posted on 3/04/2020 at 3:11 PM in Blog

You have finally been asked to get married and are delighted, happy, full of hopes and dreams for your future together.

As soon as the news is announced, friends and family all start to ask when the big day is and where are you having it and soon your mind turns to planning.

Immediately you are in a spin – who should we invite, who must we invite, who don’t we want to invite, table plans, seating arrangements, stationery, prosecco or champagne best man and bridesmaids.

All these thoughts start to whirl around your head and not long after you realise the first and absolutely the most important thing you need to decide is where to hold your special day in the first place.

Do you want something traditional like church to keep the parents happy or do we want to make the day special for you, celebrate your character, your individuality and your style together?

Yes of course you do – its your day and with the choice of a celebrant to lead your day the choice of where to hold your ceremony is limitless. Hold your ceremony wherever is special to you.

It literally can be anywhere. Don’t be constrained by the church or limit yourself to specific rooms in licensed premises – you decide when are where you want your day and how you want it to be.

So, the planning begins and now your freedom to choose where you both want the ceremony to be can start. So, here are some of our thoughts to give you a start.

Choose the location that suits you and all your friends – so if you are planning a big one, make it a big one. If you want small and intimate, make it just so. With a celebrant wedding your day is what you want.

The internet can help get everything to the venue of your choice – mobile caterers, pop up bars, photographers and DJ’s, table hire, linen suppliers even party hay bales – they will all come to you so go on let your mind wander and see where it takes you.

Be individual and choose the location venue none of your friends have been to before if this place is special to you.

You want your day to be personal, memorable and enjoyable for everyone so yes sometimes practical considerations do come into it so bear in mind – if you are planning on going abroad will all the people you want to go, actually stump up the cash to go?

If you choose your special mountain or hilltop, can everyone get there? If everything is outside make plans for the weather but apart from that off you go choose wherever you want.

Searching Mr Google for location ideas will give you lots of suggestions but predominantly the first thing you will see are adverts for specific locations.

If these are what you want get on the phone and quickly book an appointment. Have a look round and decide if it really is what you want. If it is book it and move on with the rest of the planning. If not, keep thinking what do we want, where do we want to go.

The choice is still yours but make it special for whatever reason and go for it. This could be where you met, where the proposal came, a special place you have visited together. All locations are open to you with a celebrant wedding.

Some places may need permission from the landowner or building management, but everything is possible so keep thinking.

We have been asked to conduct ceremonies all over the world.

These are amazing days and some locations are magnificent but its not for everyone. We have been to remote woodlands and scenic iconic places of interest across the United Kingdom and everyone is meaningful to the two people at the front.

This is what choosing your location is all about. It doesn’t matter what other people think. The location must be special to you and with the right planning everything is possible.

It can be a marque on the lawn it can be inside your own home it literally can be anywhere. Your favourite football club, restaurant or coffee bar the choice is yours.

Do though take into consideration the needs of all the guests you plan to invite – otherwise they might not come, and your day could be flatter without them.

Location choice is personal and sets the feel and ambiance for everything else that follows. It’s the one day in your life you really want to remember so get it right. Don’t be forced into something that’s not you just because its what everyone else thinks is right.

Be individual, be you, it’s about you and make it special. This might be a hotel venue but make it special to you.

Choose to make an entrance that celebrates you. It might be while hang gliding or parachuting together its all about you and what makes both of you happy. Everything is possible, the sky really is the limit so go on make it about the two of you and what you really want – just make sure the people you really want to see your day can get there and off you go.

Luxury overseas beach wedding, grand hotel or castle, favourite restaurant secluded woodland or simply at home on the lawn you make the right choice and everything else can fit around what you two want.

Go for it, now is the time to get planning – you have been asked to marry – start to make it amazingly magical.

Your location or venue choice is so important and once you have got this sorted everything else will fall smoothly into place. Family, friends, wedding planners, events organisers and your celebrant will all make it work for you. You decide then relax and get on with celebrating the journey to your big day and the rest of your happily ever after.

For those of you getting married in Cheshire, here are my recommendations based on my own experiences. You may have your own preferences, so please use the comments if you would like to give them a recommendation.

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