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Why And How to Renew Your Vows?

Posted on 1/05/2020 at 11:40 AM in Blog

renewing your wedding vows

We get all sorts of enquires about when and how do we go about renewing our vows.

There is no definitive answer but here we are going to and answer some of the most often asked questions.

Most often we get asked what a vow renewal ceremony is and why should we have one.

A vow renewal ceremony is most definitely not a chance to have a second wedding. It is an opportunity to celebrate with family and close friends those things which have brought you closer together.

If you are considering this, you are already married and have had the opportunity to conduct and carry out your special wedding day earlier in life. A vow renewal ceremony is for couples who see an opportunity to renew and re celebrate those vows they made to each other many years earlier and celebrate the love and maturity which has grown over the years.

It is couples who have generally been together a significant number of years and couples chose this ceremony to celebrate those milestones such as 10, 20,25 or longer year anniversaries. It can also be a couple who have been through difficult times together and emerged through it stronger. This could be through illness or even separation and the renewal of vows ceremony is a way to celebrate that together the two of you are now stronger together. It could even be something as simple as having children and you want to celebrate with them in a second ceremony.

The reasons why people chose to renew their vows again can be as diverse as the weather but whatever reason you chose make it a magical and remarkable day.

What happens at a renewal of vows ceremony?

A vow renewal ceremony is not a legal ceremony. There are no official rules and you can choose to make your ceremony as extravagant or as intimate as suits you. The ceremony can be fully religious or not. We often find from experience some couples prefer to include a small element of religion but concentrate mostly on their life story. Culminating in the actual renewal of the vows. These vows can be the ones you originally said at your wedding or your celebrant chose and write vows which encompass the past but focus on your life together moving forward.

In the ceremony, many couples chose to include choices of music which are meaningful to them. They also very commonly include readings from children.

All the ceremonies we conduct do involve a rededication of the rings. Some chose to have special engravings into existing rings or others opt for a simple rededication and blessing of the rings for continued strength and happiness.

The format of ceremonies varies from couple to couple. Some chose to walk into the celebration together. Some chose to be escorted by children but whatever is chosen your celebrant will ensure your ceremony reflects the choices you want. There are no hard and fast rules as to what has to happen at a renewal of vows ceremony. This is why they are all so uniquely individual. Almost all though do have a period of reflection as to how the couple reached this point in their marriage together.

This is, without doubt, the most emotional part of the ceremony and needs careful planning. It tells your story to everyone present. Some will have been to the original wedding; others will be new friends you have made as a couple and then there are the children who arrived along the way.

All have a special reason to be there and all will be keen to hear why and how you have got to this point in life. Your celebrant will help you compose and deliver the most uniquely personal reflection of your life together so everyone can participate in your renewed celebration.

We always say to people your vow renewals are very personal but they don’t always have to be as serious the second time round There is always an opportunity to introduce an element of fun into some of your second time round vows.

Where should you hold the ceremony?

This really is down to you. Renewal of vows ceremonies can quite literally be held anywhere. This can be from a hired wedding venue to your own home or a particular place that holds a very special affection for you. We have conducted ceremonies overseas in magical places bringing back memories of very happy times together. Your choice of a professional celebrant can help you decide on where could be appropriate to your story.

Chose a place where you can hold a celebration and full reception party if this is what suits your style. It can even be conducted in your own home with an intimate dinner together with a few close friends. The decision is yours and let your imagination run wild to celebrate in a style that reflects your story. We would say the celebration is a big part in any renewal of vow ceremony we have conducted.

Are There Any Things To Avoid?

Yes. We would always say make sure it is just not a re- run of your wedding unless there are incredibly special and individual reasons for this. Your wedding may have been a more formal and grander affair. This time make your vow renewal ceremony a more personal celebration of your life together with your family and friends. Also, ladies, we would say avoid a white wedding dress and chose something more elegant and suitable for this particular occasion.

Also try if possible, to avoid a gift list. This may just look a little crass unless you are choosing a themed joke list which all your friends understand. Also, avoid stag and hen parties unless there is a very intimate reason for doing do.

Overall your choice of renewing your vows is deeply personal but it is a chance to have that party you have always wanted. Close family and very special friends present without any need to please anyone other than you and your chosen guests. Gone are the sleepless nights of choosing who you had to invite to the wedding over who you wanted to invite.

The decision to hold this ceremony has been taken by you as a couple. Invite everyone you want to be present and celebrate in style like never before. Show off your individuality and your bond of togetherness. It’s your decision to do this so do it your way. By working with an experienced celebrant the memories, you create will stay with you for the rest of your lives.

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