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Why Choose A Naming Ceremony And What To Do About Your Naming Ceremony During The Covid-19 Outbreak?

Posted on 8/04/2020 at 11:30 AM in Blog

Firstly why choose a naming Ceremony?

Well quite simply there are many reasons but essentially, they all come back to the same thing – to celebrate the new life in your family whether that be through new birth or adoption. To show the world, your immediate and extended family and friends your love for the child. To make your public promises to care nurture and look after this precious new life from first tentative baby steps through to adulthood and beyond.

Like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the birth of your child but have decided against a christening or religious naming baptism then naming ceremonies or naming days are becoming increasingly popular.

Here at Celamony we can help you through the entire process of what’s needed and what’s involved. Working with our partners and favourite venues through to choosing whatever location you want we can make your naming day the most magical it can be focussing on the new life in your family surrounded by the most important people in your new babies life.

Naming ceremonies are not religious so easily suit those people for who religion is not the forefront of their minds or indeed parents are from entirely different religions. The advantage of working with Celamony is that even if formal religion is not the crucial aspect of the naming ceremony some aspects of religious prayers rituals or readings can be incorporated into the ceremony. But having the freedom not to be just religious your naming ceremony can be combined with symbolic actions that have meaning to the family, such as sand ceremonies, tree-planting, candle-lighting, or hand or foot-printing. Contact us to let you show you how we can include these actions in your ceremony of naming. We can include your choice of music. The music can be sung by the congregation as part of the ceremony – or you can play music you have chosen to be played during the celebration. The most important part is choosing the aspects that are special to you and your family. You may even choose to provide your guests with naming ceremony flower seed favors – A blooming marvellous way to say thank you to your godparents and guests. And as they grow them at home they remember your child’s naming as they watch them nurture and grow.

Everything is possible and can ne included in your naming ceremony.

So please do contact us and see how we can help make your day perfect. Ceremonies are a pleasure for us and can be designed to perfectly reflect you and your family. From 20-minute celebrations to events which can go on for much longer we can help you decide what’s right for you.

But in these difficult times it maybe your ceremony must be out on hold due to the virus outbreak. But it is on hold – that’s all – you can still look forward to making your public declaration of your love for your child – it just maybe you can add more to your celebration as your little baby gets a bit older and develops character traits of their own. At Celamony we are always adapting and modifying our ceremonies to reflect the unique nature of each client request. Any changes can be included to your ceremony as your child develops during these uncertain times.

Now you have decided on a naming ceremony who should you include to make it special for you.

Again, a very simple answer is often the best – those people who are important to you.

Can we include our own parents?

Absolutely! You can appoint Godparents/ Guide parents/ Supporting adults (sometimes Odd parents!) to your little one and they will be asked to make commitments during the ceremony. A commitment for life to the up bring of your child not only for baby sitting duties but for wellbeing generally.

Can we include other children?

Again absolutely This is a celebration of your family, and your new addition joining that. Their siblings can choose to write something meaningful from them or read a favourite poem, or perhaps make their own commitments. They may want to make a promise to help look after the child which can make them feel very involved.

You have total freedom to be creative and involving any siblings is a lovely addition to further personalise the ceremony. It also makes it very special for the siblings too.

As we have said you may like to light candles as a family or plant flowers together as part of the ceremony. The action of doing something like this as a family can be significant in bringing you all together.

There are many wonderful ways to involve your other children and at Celamony will run through lots of ideas and offer inspiration and suggestions to make your celebration a pleasure for your family and all your guests.

There are no rules on when the ceremony needs to be held. It can take place very soon after the birth of your child, or it can be later in life when you feel like they can also understand what is going on and be a part of it. There may be other significant reasons for holding the ceremony at a certain time. Your reasons are personal to you and however big or small you want to make those reasons part of your naming ceremony we can help you do it.

The time of year and day of the weeks is also up to you. If you would like a celebration outside, then you may want to consider holding the ceremony in the summer! A lot of Naming Ceremonies take place on Saturday’s so that the congregation can attend more easily, but this is completely up to you. The main thing to check is that the people you would like involved in the ceremony can attend on the day you have in mind! Your celebration your choice is always the way we work.

There it is our quick guide to what’s involved with a naming ceremony – By the time you have your naming ceremony in truth most people will know the name of your child – you have registered the birth, signed the adoption papers sent out the invites so make the naming ceremony personal to your family and friends and make your commitment toy your new life personal to you. Create the Celamony ceremony that reflects you.

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