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Why get married? Let’s form a civil partnership

Posted on 21/04/2020 at 3:08 PM in Blog

civil partnerships

Today at Celamony, where every ceremony is a pleasure, we are looking at why the traditional institution of marriage is in decline and there has been a rapid increase in the numbers of registered civil partnerships.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics recently showed that marriage rates for opposite sex couples are at the lowest rate on record. That number declining by approximately 3% year on year and generally since the late 1970’s figures have dropped by over one third annually. The latest released figures from 2018 show that even within marriage ceremonies only 22% are carried out as religious ceremonies. This has coincided with the largest rise ever in the number of celebrant led services and massive increase in the use of legally recognised Civil Partnerships. These now include both same and single sex couples.

As we move forward at Celamony we believe the decline in religious marriages will continue and Civil Partnerships will be the norm for 90% of all newly “married” couples.

Traditionally people get married for all sorts of reasons the biggest one of all because they love each other and want to remain together throughout life. It shows the world how important your partner is to you. You will start to work harder together and for each other. You are a team united together facing the world. You take each other’s dreams and form a new set of lifetime goals together. Married to each other research suggests more than ever you will act together putting a protective shield around each other in front of the world and your friends. Publicly getting married in front of your closest family and friends signing your marriage licence seals the whole deal and shows the world it’s the two of you together.

Sadly, then why do some people say marriage is in decline when the reasons to be together seem to perfectly fit you as a couple.

Relationship experts at Relate have suggested one of the main reason young people are being put off by the formal institution of marriage is simply too many young people have grown up in relationships where their parents separated. There has been an increased move towards the freedom of living together outside of marriage without the previous society pressure of an obligation to be married before setting up home together.

Then there is the obvious and very important consideration of the crippling cost of weddings generally. Austerity measures for the last 10 years has led to many young couples deciding to live together without the dramatic cost of a wedding ploughing their resources into having the freedom together to focus on what they both want to do.

Togetherness marriage and commitment bring is very important and people still feel romantically inclined and want to have exclusive relationships.

All the benefits of marriage still exist, and these are important to many people – but at Celemony we do say obviously you should not tie the knot just for the tax breaks.

There are some practical considerations married couples still do have over co habiting couple’s,  healthcare social security, next of kin decisions and arrangements for children. Together with your love for each other we believe the institution of marriage will never go away.

However, it will change and evolve over the next few years especially now civil partnerships have been opened to same sex couples. Very simply a civil partnership is a legal relationship which can be registered by any two people not related to each other. Registering your civil partnership gives your relationship complete legal recognition just the same as a church wedding or registrars civil registration ceremony.

To register a civil partnership, you and your partner must sign a civil partnership document in front of two witnesses and a registrar. Celamony can give you the information you need to do this. Once this is done your “marriage” is complete. This will give you added legal rights, as well as responsibilities. All the commitment and responsibility you get through a formal marriage ceremony and none of the fuss.

You are then free to carry out the magic of your dream ceremony with friends and family whenever and wherever you want.

Just the two of you register your civil partnership whenever is convenient to you and plan your big day just how you wanted it to be. With the use of a celebrant this can be wherever and whenever you want and provided it’s with the law almost anything goes. You can make your entrance as special land emotional as you want, no restrictions on alcohol during the ceremony. If you want your guests to toast you as you exchange rings or vows you can do it. The modern freedom of civil partnerships will revolutionise the way marriage ceremonies are conducted.

Any location is available to you – and at Celamony we have worked in some amazing places around the world and seen just what is available. Exchanging vows while hang gliding over the countryside and landing to exchange rings in front of all your guests might not be for everyone but hopefully you get the idea.

Civil Partnerships by being made so very simple but giving all the commitment of traditional marriage and all the legal togetherness gives you the freedom to express yourself how you always wanted too. No restrictions no limits. Celebrating is a pleasure so let us help you create the magical day you dreamt off as a little girl.

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