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Naming Ceremonies

naming ceremony

What’s in a name. Well at Celamony we think it’s everything. It’s the way the world knows and remembers us – it’s the way we are introduced and how we are identified. So, choosing that name for our children is important and at Celamony how we announce that name to the world is important to us.

Your naming ceremony is not one religion-specific and at Celamony your ceremony is designed and created to reflect your views. Some clients have specific religious beliefs and want these incorporating into the ceremony. Some families have mixed religious beliefs and your child’s naming ceremony can be created to perfectly reflect both your positions. Your child’s naming ceremony can be individually created using the poems readings and any religious texts you want.

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How Do Our Naming Ceremonies Work?

We sit down with you and chose from our wide source of resources exactly what you want in your child’s naming ceremony. Wherever you choose to have the ceremony we can create a naming ceremony that’s perfect for you, your child and all your family and friends. Like all our bespoke ceremonies we send you a copy before the event to make sure you are happy with what’s been created for you and any last-minute alterations or additions can always be incorporated for you.

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