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Speech Writing

speech writing

Included in all our client services we offer a speech writing service. Writing or delivering that memorable speech or toast is daunting for many people.

Not everyone is used to standing up in public and delivering that funny humorous  or memorable speech that appears relaxed confident, off the cuff, polished and professional. It takes lots of practice and often lots of confidence.

At Celamony we can help you write the speech you always wanted to give and help you deliver it in a way that appears confident and relaxed.

How It Works

Whatever your role at the ceremony we can help you create the perfect words to exactly say what you want them to. From the whole speech individually crafted from your instructions to just helping with saying small toasts we can help you with this. All our work which will come from you on the day as your work. It will be tailored to the audience you wish to reach – none of the work will be internet copies and plagiarised, our service to you is personal, individual and written with you in mind.

So rest assured a nervous best man, anxious groom or gushing father of the bride will all sit down applauded by your guests complimented on their speech able to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

Telephone text or WhatsApp 07500 933 818.