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Weddings & Civil Partnerships

weddings and civil partnerships

Congratulations you have taken the first step by saying yes. Now is the time to plan the wedding day ceremony you want. You have made the right choice straight away by choosing to have a celebrant led wedding, and luckily for you Celamony is one of the finest wedding celebrants in the U.K.

No restrictions on venue or even the time of your wedding and you are free to choose whatever words or symbols are the most personal to you to show you love and support for each other. By choosing Celamony to help you, we will meet with you whenever and wherever to discuss and plan your special day.

When Celamony work with you to create your wedding or civil ceremony its teamwork all the way. Your ceremony is your special day and we work to ensure everything about your unique journey together is included in your ceremony. Where your journey began and wherever it has taken your story is always at the heart of our ceremonies. It is the reason why you are committing to each other and why you have decided to get married.

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Why You Should Choose Celamony

Celamony will take as much time as you need to make your celebratory wedding or civil partnership the true reflection of you the couple at the heart of your ceremony.

Incorporating anything and everything which truly reflects you will be where our ceremony begins and where your family and friends will understand why they are celebrating with you.

Getting to know you as a couple, is the start of our journey to leave you with memories lasting your lifetime together. Whether you want an element of religious content included or excluded will all be your choice.

We will of course always send you the ceremony before the event so you can check and make any alterations or additions you want. It’s your celebration so lets do it the way you want.

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